Stories of Restoration


Trent and Hillary Fannin

There is hope for your marriage to go from surviving to thriving. You and your spouse do not have to feel alone and helpless anymore. Jim and Tami walk in great humility and anointing and gave us a safe place to work through the hard situations in our marriage.

They not only created a safe place but also gave us the tools to deal with life ourselves when circumstances arise. Every area in our life has experienced growth since dealing with our unresolved issues. As a couple we have become equipped to love well and pursue wholeness for years to come. Their spirit led council and unity with each other truly sets them apart!

Todd and Ashley Mers

In 2017 we began working with Jim & Tami Dixon for premarital counseling. We were becoming a blended family with 5 children. They helped us systematically & consciously wade through hard topics to develop a solid foundation.

They never shied away from the truth or the uneasiness that sometimes occurs when discussing difficult subjects. And because of that we were able to address topics & find solutions we probably wouldn’t have worked through on our own.

We appreciate the prayers, time & resources that they abundantly gave to our family while working with them. They always gave hope & life—even in the hardest of times.

Elizabeth and Harry Mayle

My name is Elizabeth Mayle. My husband Harry & I were just 2 broken people trying to find our way through a messy, broken relationship when we met Jim and Tami Dixon. We were engaged but I wasn't really sure where we were headed or how we were getting there.

The Dixon's set up time each week to lead us and encourage us. Encouraging us in our personal walk with the Lord as well as what the Lord expected from us and our relationship. They also spent one on one time with each of us sharing some of their own trials of their marriage. It was very encouraging to hear that they had been through some of the similar rocky roads we were living through!

We came to the realization that everything we had been through were circumstances other Christian couples have faced. The Dixons taught us that God has to be first in our marriage! With him at the forefront we could get through any hardship we face! The hardest lesson for me was to let my husband lead me! I am a very headstrong woman. I am learning still learning and we are growing, but with God first we can't be broken. The Dixon's have been been such a blessing to our lives, without them I'm not even sure we'd be married!

Thanks to their leadership, God's love, and our perseverance, we are on our fourth year of marriage and going strong!

Garry and Marylia Scott


I came to Jim and Tammy because I heard that they dealt in the spiritual realm when it came to counseling. I was at a point in my life where I was beyond exhausted trying to deal with life whether it was my marriage, my business and pretty much every aspect of my life. I came to them also pretty much with an attitude that God was more of a pain than a help anymore. So we start talking and I just was pretty much blocking anything they were saying and like yah yeah…I’ve heard all this before. I was born and raised in church and a spirit filled house but I was just turned off by it. But then they started making me close my eyes lol and that’s when the Holy spirit started working I started seeing promises the Lord had given me as a kid and young adult that I had forgot and that’s when the water works started I felt Gods presence for the first time in over 10 years.

They helped me get rid of the junk I had accumulated over the years to make room for the holy spirit to start working in my life again. I literally felt like a new man. My marriage has improved my attitude has improved as well as my hunger for the things of the kingdom of heaven due to the way Jim and Tammy approach counseling helped me encounter God again because I was really against him before I walked in there door.


Jim and Tami have helped me realize how easy it is to receive God’s freedom and happiness for my life. They’ve helped me see, hear, and feel a closeness with God I’ve never experienced before until now.

Luke and Lexy Fout

We are forever grateful for Jim and Tami. I truly don’t think our marriage would be where it’s at without their constant support. Jim and Tami leave room for the Holy Spirit to move and direct the conversation and that’s something we cherish. It’s always perfect timing with what we are going through.

They take time to listen so we both feel heard, loved and valued when we walk out the doors. Their selfless love, compassion and generous spirits constantly encourage us to push further and harder in our marriage. We are forever grateful for the truths and light that they brought into our marriage.

Mike and Pam Shiflet

From the day we both gave our lives over to Christ, Jim and Tami were there to support us. We made that commitment nearly 18 years ago and as babes in Christ, and new to the Church, they took us under their wings. So much has changed over the years, but the love, friendship, and guidance we’ve received from these two has never wavered.

On more than one occasion, when our marriage was in a less than desirable state, Jim and Tami ministered to us, helping us to forgive and to heal, and lifting our eyes to the Lord and off the ways of the world. Their love for God is evident in every aspect of their lives, and it’s been this love that has held us together in times when our love for one another was failing.

Jim and Tami’s words to us and their prayers to the father on our behalf has brought healing in our hearts, and because they were obedient to their calling, we have learned to lean on our one true Love and to trust in Him through all trials and troubles that our marriage may face. We love these humble servants, mighty warriors with all our hearts.

Our vision is to see marriages healed, delivered, restored and equipped with tools that will build up families with a strong foundation that will impact generations to come.  

Jim and Tami Dixon