Stronger Than Before.

Is your marriage so broken, it would take a miracle to put it back together? Does it feel like you and your spouse are two different people than the ones who said, “I do”?
We believe your love for each other
can be STRONGER than it ever was before.

Are you longing for that heart-pounding love you used to share?

Hi! We’re Jim & Tami Dixon, Founders of Linked Marriage Coaching & passionate advocates of the covenant between Man and Wife. Seventeen years ago, we were right where you are, with a failing marriage and failing hope.
But praise be to God, that's not where our story ended.

Praise God for the gift of restoration!

Are you ready to see what’s possible for you and your spouse?
get started now to become

Stronger Than Before.

We appreciate the prayers, time & resources that they abundantly gave to our family while working with them. They always gave hope & life—even in the hardest of times.

Todd and Ashley Mers