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Is your marriage broken and need a supernatural miracle?

Do you feel like too much damage is done and there is no hope left? God’s grace can reconcile and restore any marriage. God knows how to heal hearts and our testimony in our marriage is living proof. If God did it for us… He will do it for you.

Marriages last because two people decided to put in the work and fight for it. Linked Marriage Coaching partners with the Holy Spirit to bring healing and wholeness into your marriage. Key topics covered in crisis coaching is breaking offense, judgements and vows, dealing with trauma, unforgiveness, righteousness, intimacy, identity, personality, communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, gender roles, defining love, commitment, oneness, learn weakness/strengths and values and calling forth destiny.

Let each one keep seeking, not his own advantage but that of the other person. — 1 Cor. 10:24

  • Initial Session: Communicate goals, requirements and commitment
  • Session 1: Assessment Test
  • Session 2+3: Individual healing/wholeness/Breakthrough-dealing with trauma, unforgiveness, breaking offense, judgements, and vows.
  • Session 4: Breaking lies and agreeing with truths by shifting mindsets to manifest answers through releasing declarations and decrees
  • Session 5: Building a strong foundation in marriage: Righteousness, Intimacy and identity.
  • Session 6: Defining Biblical roles of a husband and wife
  • Session 7: Understanding the Biblical meaning of Love and your Love Language
  • Session 8: Levels of communication/ learning how to communicate with one another
  • Session 9: Understanding differences, myths and how to honor and complement one another
  • Session 10: Oneness and Team Work- working together for a successful marriage. WE not ME. Matthew 19:6.
  • Session 11: Boundaries — each is only responsible their own part and what that looks like in a marriage.
  • Session 12: Declaring your Destiny
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