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Marriage Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship?

Does your marriage need strengthened? Linked Marriage Coaching can help you work through difficult issues that will not resolve themselves. No longer do you need to sweep your problems under the rug. We offer a safe place where you can work through sticky situations and receive tools that will help strengthen your marriage. Learn about the differences between Marriage Coaching and Counseling.

Marriages last because two people decided to put in the work and fight for it. Linked Marriage Coaching partners with the Holy Spirit that provides tools that will strengthen the foundation of your marriage. Key topics covered is righteousness, intimacy, identity, personality, communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, gender roles, defining love, commitment, oneness, learn weakness / strengths, values and call forth destiny.

1 Cor 10:24 - Let each one keep seeking, not his own advantage but that of the other person

  • Initial Session: Communicate goals, requirements and commitment
  • Session 1: Assessment Test
  • Session 2: Defining Biblical roles of a husband and wife
  • Session 3: Understanding the Biblical meaning of Love and your Love Language
  • Session 4: Building a strong foundation in marriage
  • Session 5: Levels of communication / learning how to communicate one another
  • Session 6: Understanding differences, myths and how to honor and complement one another
  • Session 7: Oneness and Team Work- working together for a successful marriage. WE not ME. Matthew 19:6.
  • Session 8: Boundaries — each is only responsible their own part and what that looks like in a marriage.
  • Session 9: Declaring your Destiny

According to their testimony, their marriage was failing seventeen years ago, and God brought them through to a new revelation of His love that profoundly restored and healed their committed relationship with Him and each other.  They truly believe you can’t free others of that which you have not been free of. Through their encounter and healing with Jesus in their own marriage, they have been called to come alongside other marriages to see breakthrough in healing, deliverance and restoration.

In September of 2019, Jim and Tami were certified as Christian marriage coaches through HIScoach Academy and have begun Linked Marriage Coaching, LLC.  They provide ministry and coach couples before and after marriage.

Their hearts are to continue to fulfill Luke 4:18-19 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
Because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor.  He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives, And recovery of sight to the blind, To set free those who are oppressed, To proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.”

Tami also is the founder of Unchained Destiny Designs where she specializes in one-of-kind custom jewelry and personal prophecy.  Tami creates designs inspired by the Holy Spirit to release specific blessings that God is speaking over people’s lives.

They reside in Orient,Ohio celebrating over 30 years of marriage and have two children: Kendra andMichael (daughter-n-law, Rachel and two grandchildren, Kimora and Alakai). They greatly enjoy spending time with their family.

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What's the Difference Between Coaching and Counseling?


  • Action-Focused: Emphasizes behavior
  • Moves Forward: Focuses more on understanding present behaviors and emotions and looks to the future to define how you will behave differently.(Is concerned with “what”and “how?”)
  • Calls on Resources: Builds on existing strengths and talents.
  • Crystal Clear: Built on a fixed plan with goals that are both specific and observable.
  • You-Driven: Objectives are defined by the clients.
  • Short Term: Always based on a limited number of sessions designed to achieve quick wins.
  • Flexible: Can be easily conducted in person or with video conferencing.


  • Emotion-Focused: Emphasizes feelings
  • Looks Back: Focuses more on the past to understand current behaviors and emotions. Analyzes the past to determine why you behave the way you do. (Is concerned with “why?”)
  • Diagnosis Pathology: Focuses on identifying deficiencies or illness.
  • Often Undefined: Involves goals that fluctuate over time and are sometimes vague.
  • Therapist-Driven: Objectives are determined by the counselor
  • Open-ended: Often requires a long term process to realize insight or change.
  • Inconvenient: Normally in person at therapist office to be effective.