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Pre-Marital Coaching

Pre-marital coaching provides early intervention and prevention guidance and services to effectively promote and support healthy relationships and marriage.

Couples who invest in pre-marital coaching are more apt to form and develop a healthy relationship from the very start of their marriage. Key topics covered in pre-marital coaching is righteousness, intimacy, identity, personality, communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, gender roles, defining love, commitment, finances, children, family background, oneness, learn weakness/strengths and values.

Premarital Coaching helps couples understand and prepare for a successful marriage which means agreeing to a lasting commitment with one another, understanding what marriage compatibility looks like and what each person’s part requires, learning the personality temperament of their partner and dealing with red flags and challenges that come along with a marriage.

  • Initial Session: Meet your coach, communicate goals, requirements and commitment
  • Session 1: Building a Strong Kingdom Foundation / review Assessment test
  • Session 2: Defining Biblical roles of a husband and wife (roles, expectations & needs).
  • Session 3: Understanding the Biblical meaning of Love and your Love Language
  • Session 4: Levels of communication/ learning how to communicate one another
  • Session 5: Understanding with differences, myths and how to honor and complement one another. "Let each one keep seeking, not his own advantage but that of the other person" — 1 Cor 10:24
  • Session 6: Oneness — Working together for a successful marriage. WE not Me (Matthew 19:6) Budgeting finances
  • Session 7: Boundaries — each is only responsible for their own part and what that looks like in a marriage
  • Session 8: Four Horseman of Marriage
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