Common Questions

What are the differences between marriage coaching and marriage counseling?
The differences between Coaching and Counseling are subtle but significant. Counseling focuses on the problem, while Coaching focuses on the solution. Counseling assigns blame, while Coaching encourages ownership. Counseling keeps you stuck in the past, while Coaching moves you into the future.
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My spouse and I are separated, will this work for us?
Marriages last because two people decided to put in the work and fight for it.  Linked Marriage Coaching partners with the Holy Spirit to bring healing and wholeness into your marriage, no matter what state it is in.
How much does marriage coaching cost?
Marriage coaching is an investment in your family and your future. As such, the decision to pursue it should not be made on price alone. We invite you to schedule a free marriage assessment before deciding to move forward.
"We are forever grateful for Jim and Tami. I truly don't think our marriage would be where it's at without their constant support. Jim and Tami leave room for the Holy Spirit to move and direct the conversation and that's something we cherish. It's always perfect timing with what we are going through. They take time to listen so we both feel heard, loved, and valued when we walk out the doors. Their selfless love, compassion, and generous spirits constantly encourage us to push further and harder in our marriage. We are forever grateful for the truths and light that they brought into our marriage."
— Luke and Lexy Fout

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1 Peter 4:8
"Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins."
We can't wait to guide you into the wholeness that God has for you and your spouse!
Jim & Tami Dixon